Racing Mowers – Rules Overview

Racing Mowers – Rules Overview

Each racing series and chapter has it’s own rules. They can change from series to series. Be sure to confirm with the association’s sanctioning body or local chapter for verification of exact rules. Here we will provide a general overview and give you a few ideas for modifying your racing mowers.

Driver Eligibility - All drivers must be at least 18 years old or older to drive in a lawn mower race or to participate in lawn mower drag racing.  In some cases and with their parents’ consent, children as young as 16 years old may be granted permission to race.
Getting a License - For each series, you will be required to obtain a license by registering with the series. You won’t even be allowed on the track until you have a license. Usually, there is a slight fee associated with registering. 
Driver’s Meeting - Every driver is required to attend an obligatory driver’s meeting before participating in a lawnmower race. If you do not attend the meeting, your starting place for the race will be at the back of the field. For the most part, the officials conducting the meeting will go over the procedures for the race and restate the purpose of the flags.
Safety - There are many safety requirements for lawn mower races, but here are a few. Participants are mandated to wear protective gear much like that of a motocross rider.  You must have on a full-face helmet, including head and neck restraints.  You must dismount the racing mowers when refueling. Each racing lawn mower must be outfitted with a tethered kill switch.  
Modifications - You can probably imagine that racing mowers’ parts are not always easy to find.  You may need to put together parts or adjust stock parts yourself.  Below are a few modifications, some of which may be permitted by the sanctioning body:

-The frame can be made more rigid by fusing in additional supports.

-A safety scatter shield must be mounted adjacent to the flywheel.  The minimum thickness must be 16 GA.

-Steering can be toughened.

-Mowing blades must be detached.

-Tires and wheels may only be stock.

-Aluminum axles are not allowed.

-Bodies must appear to be stock.  

-Steering wheel may not have handlebar grips added to it.
Race Prep - In addition to modifications you want to make for the race, here are a few that will be required in preparation for the race.

-Headlights must be eliminated or taped up.

-Your number must be clearly displayed on all four sides of the racing mowers and must be at least 3 inches tall.

-Chains and sprockets must be protected.
Points System - Most races work from a point system to determine a winner over the course of the series.  For example, the USLMRA point system works like this:

1st place: 300 points
2nd place: 250 points
3rd place: 200 points
4th place: 150 points
5th place: 100 points
6th place: 0 points
Flags - Several flags are used in racing mowers. Many of them are used in other types of racing as well. It is important that you understand what they mean. 

Green: “Green Means Mow” (or go)

Yellow: Caution on the track; proceed slowly.

Yellow & White: One lap before the green.

Blue Flag with Yellow Stripe: Move over and let the leaders pass.

Red: Danger on the racetrack; stop immediately.

Black: Pull into the pits for a mechanical problem or driving violation.

White: One lap to go.

Checkered: This is the flag everyone wants to see. If you see this flag, race is over, and you have won this racing lawnmower event!

Technical Inspection:

If you have finished in the top five, you will likely be invited to the tech area for a final technical inspection. Even before you race, you may be required to show your racing mowers to the technical inspection team. The inspectors will look for dimensional inconsistencies, prohibited parts, and assure you have the correct safety features on your lawn mower.

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HTC Wildfire, the wild side of smartphones

HTC Wildfire, the wild side of smartphones

HTC, a Taiwan, based company is well know for its smartphones and one of the latest such device from the giants is called HTC Wildfire. Just in case, you not are so thrilled with the name as it feels to be a little old school, the features of this device will surely turn the things upside down. This device also has gorgeous looks and truly looks a stunner. HTC Wildfire contract deals are also available to help you make this device yours, easily.

This widget has a clear 3.2 inches of screen which takes care of all your entertainment and internet needs. It comprises of a display which can produce 16 M colors with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The screen quality is kept great by the HTC. The phone also has a number of sensors like Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Touch-sensitive controls and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, so that this phone act smartly and will be able to save battery, when it can.

All these and many more wonderful features are casted in a 106.8 x 60.4 x 12 mm body.The phone has 384 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. It has a MSM 7225 528 MHz processor which is very powerful and also an energy efficient chip. The device operates on the Google’s Andriod OS v2.1.HTC wildfire Deals has fine 5 MP camera which can take brilliant snaps with a maximum resolution of up to 2592 x 1944 pixels and with added goodies autofocus and LED flash for great picture clarity.

The phone can play music in different formats  and has a standard 3.5 mm audio jack is provided for the users to plug in their choice of headsets they want to and enjoy the music the way they like.HTC wildfire o2 are available for you through various online portals. These deals provide you with a number of benefits like incentives and free gifts. A price comparison can also be performed on these portals which assure you to provide best of the deals.

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Cold War Kids Tickets : Cold War Kids Released Their Debut Lp Robbers & Cowards That Fall

Cold War Kids Tickets : Cold War Kids Released Their Debut Lp Robbers & Cowards That Fall
Cold War Kids are an American indie rock band from Long Beach, California. Band members are Nathan Willett (vocals, piano, guitar), Jonnie Russell (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Matt Maust (bass guitar), and Matt Aveiro (drums, percussion).

Cold War Kids started in 2004 in downtown Fullerton in guitarist/vocalist Jonnie Russell’s apartment above the restaurant Mulberry St. (their first EP title) The band relocated to Whittier, California and began recording their first demos, which, when released in the spring of 2005, ultimately became known as the Mulberry Street EP.

Between tours, the band released two more EPs: With Our Wallets Full and Up in Rags, in 2006. In the summer of 2006, Cold War Kids signed to Downtown Records and released their debut LP Robbers & Cowards that fall.

After two years of non-stop touring around the world, and relocation to Long Beach, California, Cold War Kids went back into the studio spring of 2008 with the producer of their first record Kevin Augunas. Nathan described the record making process: Throughout the record making process we would write songs in our own little practice studio then we would go into the studio for like two days and record three or four songs, then go back into our own practice studio for like a few weeks. So really it was over the span of four months or something. Actual studio days probably like 15 days. We do not love being in a studio; we focus more on the writing.

The band’s second album, Loyalty to Loyalty, represented a departure from their debut in featuring a lot of narrative storytelling, as well political and philosophical references. In an interview with Blackbox Magazine, Nathan described the record as Being a little darker then the first.

The title, ‘Loyalty to Loyalty,’ comes from the philosopher Josiah Royce. He said people need to live in community with each other, and he was reacting to Nietzsche who came before him, saying people need to rise above you need to be the strongest individual you can and rise above the masses. But this guy Josiah Royce is saying that you need to not rise above the masses, that you need to embrace your community. His paper was called ‘Loyalty to Loyalty.

The band spent the end of 2008 and most of 2009 on the road touring the record, highlighted by a national tour with Death Cab for Cutie. In between touring, the band went back into the studio to record what would become the Behave Yourself EP.

Willett describes the album, These 4 songs were recorded sometime between Loyalty sessions and now. They did not belong there but they kept hanging around, starting trouble, made friends and insisted their story be heard. Like their most recent releases, Behave Yourself was released on Downtown Records.

The band went back into the studio in February of 2010. Nathan speaking to Filter Magazine, Album three is in the works now. We are working with a producer named Jacquire King. He has a sweet and eclectic roster of Modest Mouse, the last Norah Jones record, Tom Waits Mule Variations, the last Kings of Leon record…So, he is going to work miracles with us.

All of our music has always been written entirely by us without any influence, so to have him step in and help us with the direction is tremendous. I was just watching the Wilco Documentary again and I think that in many ways Wilco is to country/Americana as Cold War Kids is to soul/punk. We are taking what we do to the next level on this record. The EP is the final reminder of the good old days of quick and fun, minimal Cold War Kids recording.” Religion.

A Jan. 17, 2007, article in San Diego City Beat detailed the backlash that developed: “Of course, other publications jumped on the Jesus bandwagon, too. Rolling Stone, which initially reported that the boys met at a ‘small California liberal-arts university,’ began singing a more gospel-flavored tune.

Subsequent reports on the band identified their album as having ‘a deeply Christian take on its titular anti-heroes.’ … And while Pitchfork has a reputation for slagging any band with ties to religion, being isolated as a ‘Christian band’ is one of the most damning stigmas in rock ‘n’ roll.”

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Gibberellin Application In Vegetable Production – Laser Diodes Manufacturer – Laser Stars Projector

Gibberellin Application In Vegetable Production – Laser Diodes Manufacturer – Laser Stars Projector
Gibberellin (920), is a highly efficient plant growth-stimulating hormone, can promote cell, stem elongation, increase in plant height, can promote the growth of genetic dwarf plants, promoting physical or viral-type dwarf plants growth; to break some vegetable seeds, tubers and bulbs and other organs dormancy and improve germination rate, since low-temperature vernalization and long-day role in promoting and inducing long-day flowering vegetables that year; the promotion of vegetables and fruit set, and fruit and fruit growth and development of , gibberellin at low temperatures, drought, low light or short-day conditions, such as stress application effect more pronounced.
1, formulation and preparation of dosage forms 85% of mother liquid crystalline powder, 4% EC, and 10mg tablets. EC and tablets soluble in water, can be directly prepared to use. Powder insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, so preparation time, take 1g crystalline powder, into the graduated cylinder, add a small amount of alcohol or a high concentration of liquor dissolved, diluted with water to 1000ml, or approximately 1000mg/kg gibberellin liquor , filling a prescription can not be heated, the water temperature should not exceed 50 , when used according to the concentration required to obtain liquor figures.

Second, the application of technology in Vegetables
1. Anti-aging and fresh cucumber harvest, 25 ~ 35mg/kg spray melon 1 times, extended storage period. Watermelon harvest, 25 ~ 35mg/kg spray melons a time period of extended storage. Garlic Garlic Dip 40 ~ 50mg/kg base of 10 ~ 30min handle a second, can inhibit the upward transport of organic matter, and preservation.

2. Paul Flower and fruit, the promotion of fruit growth of tomato, 25 ~ 35mg/kg, flowering stencil printing one times, can promote fruit setting, fruit air-raid shelter. Eggplant, 25 ~ 35mg/kg, flowering stencil printing one times, to promote fruit setting and increase production. Pepper, 20 ~ 40mg/kg, flowering stencil printing one times, to promote fruit setting and increase production. Watermelon, 20mg/kg, flowering Fountain a time to promote fruit set, increase production. Or Yougua spray Yougua a time period, promoting Yougua growth and increase production.

3. To promote vegetative growth, early listing of celery, 15 to 30 days before harvest, 35 ~ 50mg/kg, 3 ~ 4 Tian spraying a times, a total of two times, an increase of more than 25%, root hypertrophy in the morning city 5 ~ 6 days. Chives, in the post-harvest plant 10cm high or 3 days, 20mg/kg spraying, an increase of more than 15%. Mushrooms, 400mg/kg, primordium formation in the block of Baptist materials look, fruiting bodies increased output.

4. Induce male flowers, improve seed production in cucumber seed, the seedlings 2 to 6 at the time Pianzhen Ye 50 ~ 100mg/kg gibberellin spraying can reduce the female flower to increase the male flowers to female plants to become hermaphrodite cucumber.

5. The promotion of bolting, flowering and improve seed multiplication factor of 50 ~ 500mg/kg of the GA with the spray or drops of plant growth point will enable the carrots, cabbage, radish, celery, cabbage and other crops for 2 years the growth of sunshine in the winter before the short-day under the conditions of bolting.

6. Breaking dormancy with 200mg/kg of gibberellin in the 30 ~ 40 high temperature soaking, after 24h germination, smooth break dormancy of lettuce seeds, this method than the hanging kinds of civil law save trouble deep, germination and stability. Breaking dormancy of potato tubers, 0.5 ~ 2mg/kg of the gibberellin solution dip the potato into cubes 10 ~ 15min, or 5 ~ 15mg/kg soak the entire potato 30min, the concentration of dormant varieties of short duration low, and long higher. Strawberry plants to break dormancy in the strawberry greenhouse forcing culture, semi-forcing culture, the cover shed heat three days after the bud appears that when more than 30%, 5 ~ 10mg/kg per plant gibberellin spray liquid 5ml, focus on leaf spray can make the top early flowering inflorescence, promote growth, early maturity.

7. Yes Paclobutrazol, CCC and other inhibitors of the antagonist, the use of tomato due to PCPA excessive harm that can be used to lift 20mg/kg gibberellin.

Third, pay attention to matters
1. Can not be mixed with alkaline substances, they can be acidic, neutral or chemical fertilizers, pesticides mix, increase production and urea mix better. Aqueous solution easy to decompose, not keep well, and should the existing service is used.

2. Use fertilizer only when an adequate supply of gibberellin under conditions in order to play good results, not a substitute for fertilizer.

3. Must master the use of appropriate concentration and the use of time, the concentration is too high will appear leggy, whitening, until the deformity or dead, the concentration is too low is not obvious. Right amount of leafy vegetables with liquid due to the size of the crop plants, density varies, the general solution for every 667m2 each with not less than 50kg.

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RC Car Bashing Vs RC Car Racing

RC Car Bashing Vs RC Car Racing

The RC Hobby has always been dominated by hard-core enthusiasts that have been in the hobby for one reason, and one reason only – to build the fastest RCs and to win trophies on race day.

However, a new subculture of RC hobbyists is rapidly emerging – the RC Car Bashers. RC Car Bashers are not in the hobby just for racing. Their enthusiasm for the hobby goes beyond just racing and competing for trophies.

Some really just enjoy building, tuning, and tweaking their RC’s to make them the fastest, or the best looking, or the most unique out there. Many have local friends in the hobby, and go RC bashing at a local park, parking lot, street or even their own back-yards.

Building jumps and jumping their RCs over things is a favorite of RC Car Bashers.

In fact, the typical RC Car Basher spends more time fixing broken parts on their RC’s than anything else, because their RC fun goes far beyond the safety of an RC dirt track.

Unlike most racers who take meticulous care of their RCs, most Bashers are quite the opposite – always looking for the next extreme thing to do with their little speed rockets. Breaking a part on their RCs while out having fun is almost a given, which is why Hobby Stores love them. They’re always coming in for more stuff.

Many RC companies have realized the existence of this RC Car Basher subculture for quite some time now and have been learning how to cater to the “Basher”, and not just the “Racer”. In fact, it is actually the “Bashers” that predominantly fund the majority of the growth in the industry, as the sheer number of them compared to RC Car Racers is staggering.

Many Hobby Store owners will tell you that racers come in and purchase one kit, and then drive it forever, coming in only to purchase more fuel or the odd upgrade. Bashers, however, are always looking to purchase the next new kit as they get tired of their old ones or have gotten bored of fixing them.

As the hobby continues to grow, more and more companies are targeting Bashers and releasing Ready-to-Run (RTR) kits which come pre-assembled and are ready to be taken out of the box and bashed at the local park.

As the industry evolves, RC Car Bashers are going to become more and more prominent in the hobby as RC manufacturers and Hobby Shop owners are realizing that there is a lot more to the hobby than just competing for trophies.

Paul Piotrowski is the owner of – a website focused on having fun with Electric and Nitro RC Cars, Trucks, Buggies, Truggies and anything else that can be bashed for fun. We’re tired of RC Car Racers getting all the attention – so we created a place on the web just for RC Car Bashers. Visit our site today and sign up for our Free Newsletter full of RC Car Bashing news, tips, reviews and contest giveaways: .